• SKA manages its own life support service camps to support our own operations and to accommodate guests to the regions we operate
  • Our Operations are protected by our own highly skilled Security Forces

Our operations in every location are protected by our own highly skilled Security Force to ensure the safety of all our offices and camps, aircraft, cargo and staff. Chosen for their robustness, loyalty and unblemished record of service, the SKA Security Force is managed by former British and US military personnel. SecureLocate provides 24/7 tracking on land, sea and air using our proprietary satellite and GSM based tracking system. SecureLocate’s web-based software platform is accessible throughout all our operation centers. Exact locations of all our vehicles and cargo are possible thus enabling us to respond immediately should any emergencies or problems arise.

Our security services:

  • Asset Protection
  • Emergency & Contingency planning
  • Full Logistical & Administrative Security
  • Cash in Transit Services
  • Aviation flight Security
  • Static Guard Force