• SKA Life Support Camp in Mogadishu, Somalia
  • SKA has been on the ground in Somalia since 2010
  • SKA fuelling its own aircraft at the Mogadishu International Airport
  • SKA Airport Management Services in Somalia, 2013.

In 2010 SKA was the first foreign contractor to invest in the Mogadishu International Airport following years of civil war and internal conflict. SKA was contracted by the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) to manage operations at the Aden Adde International Airport over a period of 10 years. SKA’s capacity to operate within this challenging environment is amply demonstrated by the fact we were first to construct a secure Life Support facility for our own use at a time when the security environment was much more volatile and dangerous than is the case now. SKA has subsequently invested heavily in enabling services for third-party visitors including US State Department, UK FCO, various UN Departments, and third party contractors entering Somalia via the International Airport at Mogadishu.

SKA has an established Operation and Infrastructure in Mogadishu, including bulk aviation fuel storage capacity and into plane operational capability, the largest Life Support accommodation camp in Mogadishu, vehicle maintenance workshop and services, a fleet of 10 x Bedford truck and trailers for rough terrain movement throughout Somalia, warehousing and storage areas.

SKA also has an existing established project support infrastructure in Mogadishu, and our company has won numerous Life Support Camp Construction and Operation Projects for clients investing in Somalia.

  • Fuel

    • Aviation refueling
    • Ground fuel storage
    • Fuel distribution & management
    • Expeditionary fuel
  • Aviation

    • Airport Management
    • Terminal and ground handling
    • Passenger and cargo charter
    • Medevac
    • Customs & immigration support
  • Logistic

    • Life Support Construction & Operation
    • Transportation
    • Supply chain management & storage
    • Custom clearance & Freight forwarding
    • Safety & security