• SKA’s Challenger 605 Executive Jet provides Passenger Charter services to Kuwait

In order to support operations in Iraq during the post conflict period following 2003; SKA set up an office in Kuwait which remains an important support base for our Head Office operations in Dubai. Our Safwan Logistics Base and new Fuel Storage Terminal at the Port of Khor Al Zubair in the South of Iraq, are strategically located close to the border with Kuwait, enabling logistics and supply chain benefits.

The Safwan Logistics Base is a 70,000 sqm logistics facility located 5km north of the Kuwaiti/Iraqi borders. This is a modern facility, that is fully secure, equipped for loading and unloading cargo and has all the modern conveniences like internet, life support units and custom officers located on site. At this facility, we are able to cross-load cargo from Kuwait to Iraqi trucks and simultaneously provide custom clearance all at this single location, resulting in significant time and cost savings for our clients.

  • Aviation

    • Passenger and cargo charter
    • Customs & immigration support
  • Logistic

    • Custom clearance & Freight forwarding