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Somali Risk Management (SRM) is a member of SKA International Group, an experienced Somali security company employing a number of International staff

SRM, a local company managed by British and US nationals, operates in all regions of Somalia, providing the highest level of security to ISO 18788:2015 (Management Systems for Private Security Operations), ASIS PSC 1:2012 and ISO 9001:2015 standards for all of our clients.

With a strong presence in Mogadishu, SRM provides a full security assessment and solution package to exceed your requirements in this ever-changing environment.

MSS Global audits and certifies Somali Risk Management annually to ensure all processes and procedures meet or exceed compliance standards.

SKA in Somalia
Safety & Security Services

SRM Company Information

Somali Risk Management provides a full range of security services, including: international security management and advisory services, security audits and assessments, vetted guards, convoy support, training, CCTV and armored vehicle transport.

Many organizations see security as a significant burden and cost. We, however, view security as essential to standard client business practices, allowing operations to function as normally as possible in an uncertain and ever evolving security environment. Somali Risk Management always seeks to provide the appropriate security, tailored to the clients’ individual needs. We work with a large number of NGO’s and international organizations, building an excellent rapport and understanding allowing us to accommodate each client with their particular needs and requirements.

As a Somali company, we have a full understanding of both the political and security environment in country. We also appreciate that all staff are important to both our success and that of our clients. We guarantee all national and international personnel are provided with the appropriate assistance at all times.

Technical Approach


SRM believes that the best method of security is good advice and good communication. We select high-quality international security managers, usually from an American and British Army background, who have ‘soft’ skills and are therefore capable of dealing with a range of clients and their needs. We acknowledge that while security is important; it is equally essential to allow staff to function normally and to go about their jobs unhindered. We believe security should be subtle and unobtrusive and most importantly should fit in and understand each particular client’s work ethic.

Crisis Management Team

As part of SRM Mogadishu office, we maintain a Crisis Management Team (sometimes referred to by the military term Quick Reaction Force or “QRF”). On call 24 hours a day, trained and ready to react to all security related incidents, the CMT can respond in the event of an emergency, reassuring our clients and reinforcing key locations. The use of the CMT will be closely integrated into contingency and continuity plans by the Security Management.

The SRM Crisis Management Team consists of two vehicles, (with the possibility to deploy up to four if the situation requires), and six men commanded by an experienced, English speaking Ugandan. All team members are trained to a high level in all aspects of handling emergency situations by our international staff. Each vehicle contains three men, allowing room for clients or other staff to be extracted from any emergency scenario. All coordination of the CMT will be through the Security Manager who is responsible for closely integrating the CMT into the contingency planning process.

The CMT is available 24 hours a day as back-up to the provided security team and capable of handling emergency situations.

Management Approach

SRM Management Support

SRM Security Managers are an integral part of the security team and will advise clients on all aspects of security in the MIA. They are the single point of contact for any modifications required or requests for information and are responsible for all training and management.

All SRM managers ensure the highest standards of customer care at all times. In addition to the client’s close protection security team, SRM also provides a client manager, based in Dubai but available to travel to any location when required to provide assistance to the client with contractual or billing issues.

SRM acknowledges it is not always possible to provide a perfect service in such a fast moving environment as Somalia, but we pride ourselves in being responsive to a client’s needs and swiftly dealing with a problem to the client’s satisfaction.

Communication, Command and Control

SRM staff have wide experience in managing and maintaining operations centres including Regional Reconstruction Operations Centres (RROC) in Iraq and Military Operation Centres up to Brigade level. SRM operates a C3I Operations Centre, fully equipped with the appropriate communications equipment to maintain constant contact with the client and all SRM personnel, including VHF, GSM, satellite phones and secure tracking.

The Operations Centre is manned by experienced watch-keepers overseen by International staff to ensure swift passage of information. The Operations Centre also provides a conduit for timely local intelligence from SRM’s local connections.

Our Security Managers work closely with the client and their communications systems to ensure close integration of SRM’ command and control network with the client’s own.
An integral part of the Security Manager’s role is to ensure constant communication with clients and security teams throughout any consignments away from their location in MIA. SRM’s communication systems are licensed with the Ministry of Communications according to the laws of Somalia.


SRM operates its own Intelligence and Information Service to ensure clients are informed of all latest security developments in their own area and across the provinces. SRM speaks daily to AMISOM, embassies, local contacts and tribal connections. The SRM Intel team has both the experience and depth of knowledge to assist in dealing with immediate threats promptly. SRM provides all clients’ with up to date intelligence and information in order for them to make the best decisions in relation to their own operations.

Professional Development

Professional development and capacity building are central to the SRM’s philosophy. As a Somali/International company, we understand the importance of mentoring all staff and developing their skills to increase their capabilities, not just internally, but in the general workplace. SRM always ensures its staff receive the highest levels of training including a full induction on arrival in country.


SRM is well equipped to provide Deployment Ready Training (DRT) to all client personnel. SRM will integrate the client’s requirements into Somalia-specific training, either at our classroom on MIA or the client’s own facility.

SRM Company Policy

Somali Risk Management conducts security operations in environments that are inherently unstable and dangerous. Somali Risk Management is committed to conducting those security operations to the highest level of professionalism while maintaining the safety and security of the operations and clients and also ensuring respect for human rights, laws and fundamental freedoms. While conducting security operations, Somali Risk Management is therefore committed to the following objectives:

  1. Respect human life and dignity as its first priority.
  2. Avoid, prevent and reduce the likelihood and consequence of disruptive and undesirable events.
  3. Comply with applicable legal requirements.
  4. Respect human rights, and
  5. Promote continual improvement of its conduct of security operations.

Somali Risk Management implements effective processes to support the conduct of security operations and its Management are responsible for establishing objectives and measurement to drive continuous improvement in security operations.

All Somali Risk Management’s employees, consultants and subcontractors are responsible for conducting security operations in accordance with this policy and are expected to contribute to the continual improvement of Somali Risk Management’s conduct of Security Operations.

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SRM Statement of Conformance

Somali Risk Management’s top management is committed to, and conforms to, the requirements of the international standards ISO 18788 and PSC.1-2012, and complies with the relevant principles, legal obligations, voluntary commitments, and good practices of:

  • Montreux Document On Pertinent International Legal Obligations and Good Practices for States Related to Operations of Private Military and Security Companies.
  • During Armed Conflict (09/2008); and International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC) (11/2010); and
  • Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights; Implementing the United Nations “Protect, Respect and Remedy” Framework 2011.
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Complaints & Grievance Policy

Policy and procedure intended to meet all aspects and principles contained in the International Code of Conduct Grievance Procedures The Company has a responsibility to respect the human rights of and fulfill humanitarian responsibilities towards, all those affected by their business activities, including its personnel, clients, contractors, suppliers and the population of the area in which services are provided.

The Company fully recognizes the importance of respecting the various cultures encountered at the workplace, as well as the individuals that they meet because of those activities.

A clear and open channel of reporting is fundamental of any grievance and complaint handling procedure. Therefore, personnel, clients, contractors and the population of the area in which the Company provides services are encouraged to raise any grievance or complaint about any aspect of their employment, their working environment, working relationships or concerning any disciplinary action taken against them.

Download PDF – English (2,598kb)
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Whistle Blower Protection Policy

At Somali Risk Management (SRM) we all have a responsibility to ensure that we uphold our core business values, adhere to the law and deliver against the important commitments set out in our code of ethics policy.

To help strengthen our culture of ethics and integrity, employees are strongly encouraged to report breaches of laws, regulations or company policy. This helps SRM to develop an open culture in the dealings between employees and those with whom it engages.

This policy is intended to encourage all the employees to report suspected or actual occurrence(s) of illegal, unethical or inappropriate events (behaviors or practices) without retribution.

Local language translation of these policies are available upon request.

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Statement Of Applicability

Somali Risk Management is a bespoke security provider that supplies manned guarding, risk management, security surveys and personal security in Somalia. To assist our business objectives, the scope and intent of our SOMs are to define and communicate our commitment to continually enhance customer satisfaction through:

  • effective process improvements to all systems of the business.
  • to assure conformity to our customer’s and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • provide policies, procedures developed and implemented with the primary focus to assure the continued compliance of the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2015, ISO 18788:2015 and PSC-1:2012

The following clauses of the following standards were determined to be not applicable to SRM.

ISO 9001:2015
8.3 Design and development of products and services – Somali Risk Management does not perform design activities. Therefore, the fulfilment of the requirements of this clause are not applicable to our SOM.

ISO 18788:2015
8.3.6 Use of force in support of law enforcement – SRM does not perform Law Enforcement activities.
8.5.1 Law enforcement support – SRM does not operate as a law enforcement security provider or support operation provider and has no current external contracts where the above exclusions would be warrant.
8.5.2 Detention Operations – Detention operations fall outside of the scope of ISO 18788:2015 and are not conducted by SRM.

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Human Rights Policy

SRM is committed to respecting the human rights of individuals in all aspects of its operations in Somalia and internationally. We also recognise that we have an opportunity to ensure that human rights are understood and observed in the areas that we work in.

We are dedicated to providing a safe working environment in which we meet our obligations regarding health and safety, security, equality & diversity and to ensuring that the respect and dignity of all our employees is adhered to at all times.

This policy applies to all SRM’s businesses, employees, contractors and subcontractors.

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Contact SRM

SKA Somalia
4/44 Aden Abdulle International Airport
+252 (0) 699 77 1053 (Nationlink)
+252 (0) 619 49 3797 (Hormuud)