SKA in Iraq

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Iraq  Operations

SKA’s diverse capabilities in Iraq and Kurdistan include a wide range of Fuel Distribution and Fuel Supply Chain Management, Aviation Services, Ground Logistics, Life Support Construction and Operations, and Security Services.

Our SKA team has been operating in Iraq since 2003, making us the pioneer and the undisputed experts in frontier logistics solutions. SKA has successfully developed commercial interests as the region moves towards post-conflict environments.

SKA have recently entered into a long term contract with the Iraq Ministry of Oil to operate the three major jetties at the Khor Al Zhubair port in Basra, Iraq. SKA have made a huge investment in port dredging and major refurbishment. This will double the capacity of large shipping vessels now able to operate into the port for both the import and export of refined oil products. SKA have built new offices in Khor Al Zhubair port and is now providing an efficient port operations team working closely with both GCPI and the Ministry of Oil. This project has provided major benefit to the people of Iraq and will enable the handling capacity of over one million tons of fuel per month.