Project Description

SKA was the first private company engaged to carry fuel into Iraq in 2003. With the strength of management and capability in the company, SKA has continued to expand in the region, building on its reputation as a business that operates under strict commercial guidelines in post-war environments.

The history of SKA is littered with successfully meeting the challenges that building an economy presents. Local and global knowledge is essential to the way in which SKA works, together with a risk assessment strategy that is second to none. Operating in challenging environments is what gives SKA the capability and capacity to develop infrastructure for growing economies, with fuel and logistics services run with an attention to detail that is second to none.

Our HSE policies and ethical approach to our stakeholders have allowed us to operate in the most demanding of areas, often in a post-conflict climate where strict adherence to protocols can be lacking. Our forthright approach to operating professionally in the toughest scenarios has given us the experience and knowledge to undertake ever more challenging jobs with an ever-growing portfolio of success.