Project Description

SKA have built a new shipping jetty at the port of Basra in Southern Iraq. The construction was carried out after the dredging of the port at Basra – a task that was said to be impossible. Doing difficult jobs in difficult places is the SKA philosophy, but the impossible is also possible.

The dredging project and new jetty will open up the port to deeper draft vessels, cementing Basra’s position as the fastest growing city in the Gulf. As Iraq’s only deep-water harbour it is also a lifeline to the whole Iraqi economy, allowing the import of foreign supplies and goods, and the export of Iraqi oil and produce to the world.

With the new container dock opened in 2013, the dredging will open the entire jetty to larger commercial shipping, giving added impetus to the economic recovery of Southern Iraq and Iraq itself.

SKA undertook the project using the inherent skills and capabilities of the wider group to gather the resources necessary to complete the task. With the dredging completed in weeks, the jetty was built to open the port to larger container shipping and tankers, boosting the economy immediately and in the longer term.