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mike douglas

SKA International Group is a global supplier of fuel, aviation and logistics services operating throughout the Middle East and Africa with a Group Head Office based in Dubai, UAE

We specialise in moving people, equipment and cargo smoothly & safely into and through developing countries.

SKA Overview:

  • SKA operates in seven countries
  • Fuel Distribution and Fuel Supply Chain Management
  • Aviation Services
  • Ground Logistics
  • Life Support Construction and Operations
  • Security Services

“Through a pioneering spirit and logistical expertise, we strive to be the acknowledged leader and preferred partner to help our clients succeed in the world’s most difficult to operate in countries.

‘Successfully doing difficult jobs in difficult places’ is not just a marketing slogan. It is a record of proven historical facts.”

Mr. Mike Douglas
President & CEO

When SKA began operations in Iraq in 2003, it was to pioneer frontier logistics solutions in a highly dangerous environment. Since the end of the conflict, SKA has built on this experience to develop successful commercial interests in the region as its economy recovers.

Our extensive experience, remarkable safety record and adaptability ensure we are superbly equipped to deal with the constantly shifting dynamics of the business world.