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SKA International Group is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our employees at each of our operating locations

Successfully managing HSE issues is a key component of our business strategy. Our firm belief is that accidents are preventable, and so to maintain our enviable safety record we work tirelessly to identify HSE risks and reduce to as low a level as his practically possible.

Operating in developing economies, often in a post-conflict stage of development, the type of risks we encounter are more diverse than those found in more settled economies. We have a wide variety of in-house skills that mean we can analyse and assess risk based on our experience of building infrastructure for developing economies in other parts of the world.

Our safety policies also extend to protecting the environments in which we operate and the overall well-being of all our stakeholders.

SKA rigorously complies with the FCPA and Federal Acquisition Regulations governing commercial operations overseas. We are also ISO9001:2015 approved for the quality of our management systems. These credentials give SKA the authority to operate in the world’s most difficult to reach places, trusted to by international agencies such as UN, the US and UK governments, and a host of international NGOs as well as major International Oil & Gas companies.