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SKA Energy was the first private foreign company to be awarded contracts by the Iraqi Ministry of Oil to supply commercial aviation fuel at the international airports of Baghdad, Basrah, Erbil, Mosul, Sulaimaniyah and Najaf

SKA Energy also provides aviation fuelling in Somalia, Kurdistan, Ras Al-Khaimah and Afghanistan.

SKA Energy operates systems owned by airports as well as its own airport fuel storage systems. We provide refuelling services for commercial and military fixed-wing and rotary aircraft, and have the capability to refuel any type of aircraft from the smallest over the wing requirement up to the Antonov 225, the world’s largest cargo airplane.

SKA Aviation highlights:

  • Certified commercial fuel supplier in Iraq, Kurdistan, Somalia and UAE for any aircraft.
  • A major fuel supplier to the US Government in Iraq
  • Provide refuelling services for commercial, military and cargo aircraft from the smallest up to the world’s largest cargo airplane
  • Member of JIG

Supporting business, government and humanitarian aid programmes, including the World Food Programme, SKA Aviation are on the approved DANZAS list of aviation operators for flights throughout the Middle East and beyond.

The SKA Aviation control centre is in constant communication with civil and military air traffic control in all areas of operations. Flights often have to fit a very narrow time window, so the organisation and management of flights carried out by SKA Aviation has to be of the highest operational standard.

As well as operating flight services throughout the region, SKA Aviation provides staff and management to the airport at Ras Al Khaimah for fuelling, cargo handling and re-marketing services to business using the airport.

SKA Aviation operates successfully throughout Iraq and Somalia as well as across the UAE, Middle East and Eastern Africa. With advanced communications & tracking systems, highly experienced staff and the approval of some of the world’s most respected organisations, SKA Aviation leads the way in aviation logistics.  SKA Uganda holds a current AOC and have aircraft and operations based out of Entebbe International Airport, Uganda.