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Oil, gas and commercial aviation fuel supply and storage for challenging environments.

SKA aviation


Passenger, cargo, expeditionary and terminal aviation services for government operations.


Safe, secure, global logistics services for dangerous and demanding locations.

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Advanced Logistics Services

SKA International Group: Infrastructure development for advancing economies.

However demanding the logistical demands are for your business to thrive, SKA has the skills, experience and infrastructure to meet your needs.

With 15 years’ experience of operating in the most challenging environments in the world, our systems have been honed to deliver the best possible service to all our clients.

Using intelligent analysis backed by in-depth local knowledge, the success of SKA rests on the expertise of our board and employees and our drive for excellence.

Working with governments, NGOs and private businesses, SKA has developed uniquely flexible chain solutions that can deliver any resources wherever they are needed – swiftly, efficiently and safely.

‘Successfully doing difficult jobs in difficult places’ is not just a marketing slogan. It is a record of proven historical facts.

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